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MMG Name/Event Badges

MMG Name/Event Badges

Introducing our durable and water-resistant Name/Event Badges, crafted from high-quality polystyrene, ideal for short- to medium-term use. They offer a simple yet effective solution for identifying event attendees while promoting your church or associated ministries.
These badges can be printed either single- or double-sided, allowing for detailed event information to be displayed, creating an additional level of engagement with your attendees.
Here are some excellent ways to utilize these badges in a church setting:
    ** Church Events: Enhance networking and fellowship at church events by facilitating easy identification of attendees, making them feel welcomed and engaged.
    ** Youth Camps and Retreats: Enhance safety and organization by easily identifying participants, and display the camp's schedule or important contact information.
    ** Volunteer Identification: Acknowledge and identify your valuable volunteers during church services or special events.
    ** Bible Study Groups: Create a sense of unity and belonging within small group studies or ministry teams.
    ** Visitor Badges: Offer these to first-time visitors as a warm welcome and a way to help staff and congregation members make them feel at home.
These Name/Event Badges can play a vital role in promoting fellowship, safety, and a sense of community within your church. Place your order today and experience the benefits of efficient, effective communication.
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Product Description

Made of polystyrene material, these badges are rigid, durable and water resistant so they can be used for a couple of days or even a few weeks, depending on the nature of their use. They can be printed single or double-sided.

Popular Uses

• Events
• Backstage Pass
• School Functions
• Conferences
• List of Events Schedule
• Press Pass
• Staff ID

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