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Floor Stix

Floor Stix

Our Floor Stix are constructed with lightweight, textured matte vinyl between 6 mil and 10 mil in thickness.

The texture provides a reliable, skid-proof surface that won't leave behind any residue upon removal. It can be applied to many surfaces such as carpet, tiles, wood, PVC floor, untreated stone and more, making it a fantastic option for tradeshows, exhibitions and other events, and yielding an indoor lifespan of half a year to 12 months.

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Product Information

Product Details

Printed On:
• White Textured Matte Vinyl

• 6 mil – 10 mil (Range)

• Lightweight Slip-Resistant Soft Rigid Surface


Indoor - Life span of 6 months – a year.

Features & Benefits:

• Structured matte finish
• No adhesive residue
• Sticks on almost any surface
• Easy to apply and remove
• Slip-Resistant


• Carpet
• Tiles
• Wood
• PVC Floor
• Untreated Stone
• Tradeshows
• Promotional Displays
• Events