Inspirational Bagtagz

BagTagz are a line of 2.25”x 11.25” motivational bag tags aim to inspire students and young adults to pursue their dreams. These smooth durable tags come with vibrant colors and unique designs paired with short impactful quotes to uplift on a daily basis.

Whether attached to a backpack, gym bag, or purse, BagTagz add a fun pop of energy and positivity. The special tag dimensions allow plenty of room for the bold graphics featuring concepts like achieve, believe, courage, determination and other aspirational sentiments. Each order comes with a quality metal ring for conveniently securing the BagTagz to bags and gear for a quick pick-me-up of inspiration every time they're viewed.

BagTagz make great gifts for students heading back to school, recent grads, or any young person needing a spark of motivation. The bag tag designs range from whimsical and cute to sleek modern graphics with positive reminders like "heartstrong", "soar”, and “persevere”. Uplift your mood while personalizing your accessories with these BagTagz - motivation and flair all in one